Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disco Is Dead, But I'm Not....

So Its been a brief *cough* (month and a half) *cough* hiatus.

Strangely when you are unguilded and not doing much your desire to play tends to go in the toilet.

Well, just like that nasty scene from Trainspotting I have re-emerged.

My old guildies and I have formed a new guild and are building for Kara.

We've already picked up some people that were simply burned out in their former guilds on 25 man content. The fun of the 25 man content just didn't compete with that of Kara at the end of the day. With Zul Aman on the horizon I don't think our timing could be better.

So, when not playing Bio Shock and NHL2K8, what have I been doing ?

Well, I've been playing on the PTR.

I'm not going to delve too deeply in to it here, but I'm working on a post detailing my Shammy observations for 2.3.

I don't know how others feel about it, but having played as my current spec (resto) and being able to heal and dish heaps of spell damage, and respeccing Enhancement and brutalizing things I'm pretty excited.

More on that later though.


To the 7 of you who may or may not see this. Sorry I was gone, I'm back and plan to be around a lot more. (I love how I sound like a deadbeat dad.)

Also, I expect the welcome back party to have plenty of beer and all the snacks I like.