Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Layout

My first attempt at a new header and such.

I don't know why I chose Shadowmoon Valley but now looking at it, its a little Warlocky for lack of a better word.

I'm still undecided if I'm going to keep it or change it around a bit more.

I also updated my sig information, both are unbuffed wearing my melee they my healing healing set. Nothing spectacular but not too shabby either.

To the 6 of you that read this, feel free to give feedback on if you like it or not.

Going back in to Kara tonight, Aran / Chess / Prince if all goes well. If it goes really well maybe we'll have time for Illhoof or Netherspite.


Zerei said...

I like it! The split-gear character picture is neat, but maybe a bit large, vertically. Something more banner-sized might be better.

Feel free to ignore this, but when I loaded the page, that picture was all I saw. I thought mabye you'd installed a splash page. Probably mostly the fault of a small-ish resolution and such.

gamedame said...

A couple of bits of constructive criticism.

1) I agree with Zerei that the top graphic is much too large. You want at least the first paragraph of your most recent post to be "above the fold." That means, when someone opens your site, you should be able to see that without scrolling the page. Right now, I have to scroll to see anything but your top graphic and toon banners. (I'd suggest moving the toon banners to the side or the bottom, also.)

2) I like the color scheme, but you must change it for the comments. Right now the comment text is showing up in black on a black background = invisible.

Hope this helps.

Cowcontroll said...

It is kinda big, but its indeed a nice picture:-)