Friday, February 1, 2008

Aran Dead, and Prince = Stupid

So we got off to a late start and had to PuG a bunch of people. It kept getting pushed back as once we'd fill the group out a Pugger would leave and the cycle would start all over.

We worked our way up to Curator with a few deaths and stoppages along the way. We then had 2 wipes, 1 because someone aggro'd Curator while we were killing the adds, and another when we started to pull and our tank DC'd. I choose not to count those.

So, when we finally got a real attempt off, we destroyed him. it wasn't even close. We were killing flares so fast that as a melee I would be standing around for a few seconds waiting for the flare to pop up. There wasn't enough time to run and start DPS'ing Curator but it was still more time than I was used to.

We then move on to Aran and one shotted him. This was my first Aran kill and it was ugly. It ended with Aran and a rogue dueling eachother to the bitter end. One more shot and the rogue would have been toast. To add to the amazingness of it all, the rogue used kick once. Once in the entire encounter he bothered to interrupt Aran, the rest of the time he just didn't feel the need I guess. I have the Web Stats to prove this, I noticed this while the fight was going on but needed to see the stats to be absolutely sure. It just makes the victory even more improbable .

From there we rolled to Chess where I picked up a new neck piece, I can't link it while at work. Maybe I'll edit this when I get home.

We were so close to prince that we decided to give it a go....


Its been stated before by many others, but I'll say it again. An encounter that is relatively easy aside from the luck based element that can severely screw you is just poor design. Not to mention it looks horrific. Kara is a great looking instance with many interesting boss encounters. Then comes Prince, the infernals drop and just stand there and let out that fart cloud every few seconds and look so ridiculous it isn't even funny. I just don't see how from a purely visual standpoint the designers who always throw in peoples faces how much time, care, and pride they put in to everything when people question them not being able to put out x-pacs on a yearly basis managed to approve this. Even more frightening when the game makes close to a billion dollars a year in revenue. (Simply inexcusable in my book) It looks like crap, it looks like an afterthought and whats worse is that its the FINAL BOSS of the instance?!!! I really just don't understand.

Well due to crappy infernal placement we didn't down him. It was getting late and we called it. We're going to go back Monday and we hope to have his head on a platter.

I just hope now that people see Kara team 2 can go up to or farther than team 1, people will want to join up more.

If we could have started on time both nights Kara would be obliterated.

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Anonymous said...

Something that has helped my guild down Prince on a regular basis is the existance of the "safe spot". Reference is here:

These spots do actually work - easiest to do with someone with a raid icon and then use totems to mark the spot. Provided the tank is on the ball with staying in line of site, it means the only problem is healing through Phase 2 (as a resto shammy, hello overheal and rank12 healing wave but I digress).

Give it a try, it takes a little bit of getting used to but does work.