Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Purple Rain...........of Blood!

Yeah on our fourth attempt of the night (we had a 3% attempt, and a 9%) Prince finally croaked.

I still hate the fight though. The attempt we succeeded on I was virtually worthless. I ran away during an enfeeble and before I could run back an infernal dropped between me and Prince. So I was relegated to gimp healing and gimp lighting bolt duty. Eventually the infernal despawned and I ran back in ready to finish him off. The he cast shadownova and bounced me in to an infernal. I died just as I got out of the AoE. I then went to hit my self rez but wasn't paying close enough attention and released, so I didn't actually get to see him fall.

Its just such a stupid fight, especially if you're melee.

I was able to run back and get my badges which was good. Next time around I'll just slap my healing suit on and help out there my DPS just wasn't worth it. Too much running away and all the other crap, leave it to the casters.

Will post the stats soon.


Megan said...

Grats on the Prince kill!

Cowcontroll said...

We got him down our first time about 3weeks ago, and after many attemps we had got him on 3%, 2% and 1%!!!

But we took him down, the week after we one shotted him like that:o but the fight is best with mostly range dps, but if melee dps know when to run back, u should be alright. And ofc depends much on beeing lucky with were the infernals drop.

Just a tip: if you have 3 healers i think u should consider dpsing by spamming lighting bolts if the other healers are doing well on pashe 1.

Even though im specced resto my spell dmg is 750 (with totem) and i can critt 2000 on LB, a few bolts can mean downing ore loosing against prince;-D